Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Lenten Post March 5th

Lazarus takes the stage in this week's lectionary. Simply viewed as a miracle story by literalists, it runs much deeper than that. It's about death and the hurt that comes with loosing a loved one, it's about becoming unwrapped, reborn, resurrected; it's also about faith and mystery.

From Peter Mayer's newest CD Still in one Peace - (part of the title track which you can hear on his website)

What if Love was a shepard's eye
Could see one lost for the ninety nine
And Faith and hope were a tiny seed
That could bloom into a family tree

I've believed betrayed swayed and discussed
Still feel like a wrapped up Lazarus
Haven't made sense of the Mystery
But it makes sense of me

And I'm still in one peace
Still in one peace
We are blessed we are broken
Every day a chance to be
One together again


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David said...

Be at peace, Jeff. Thanks for continuing to share your journey.