Friday, February 29, 2008

Lenten Post February 29th

I hope you are enjoying your extra day! It's beautiful - sunny, relatively warm and the world is coated in a fresh coating of white.

God comes to feed us, to fill us, to love us.

"God pervades the world the same way as honey in the comb"

Last night in Pauline Tradition we talked at length about the hymn in Philippians (2:5-11). A classmate of mine and I both brought up the point that this has a mystical and very spiritual "feel" to it. We both have had courses in mysticism, so it made perfect sense to us; but the rest of the class really felt uncomfortable "going there". It's almost like they were afraid of the gnostic overtones that reading Paul like that brings. Their loss I guess. The other interesting tidbit gleaned from the class is that this hymn very likely represents the first written account of early christology, as such, all of the gospel accounts of Christ rise from these six verses. Consequently, the church's view of Christ and ultimately our view is based on those six verses. Wow.


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