Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lenten Post February 17

Its been a long hard week. Lot's of school work, sick child, sick me, All-state Orchestra concert yesterday, Lenten supper ........... all kinds of stuff going on. Life.

On a little side note, the daughter of our good friends, Tom and Linda DeWitt is struggling with what doctors think is viral encephalitis. She's been in and out of conciousness for the last week and has had two major seizures. We're all praying for Tom, Linda, Jodi, and Jodi's siblings Tara and Travis. A few extra wouldn't hurt. Like I said, it's been a difficult week.

On to Lent.

You are the salt for the earth O people
Salt for the Kingdom of God!
Share the flavor of life, O people: Life in the Kingdom of God!

(From "The Faith We Sing", Bring Forth the Kingdom by Marty Haugen)

That's from one of my favorite hymns. (I do admit the "homeland" part can be a bit scary.) In Luke 14:33-35, Jesus gives the parable of salt. In that parable, Jesus equates half-hearted discipleship to used-up salt - it's worthless. As salt, as disciples, we can't "run out of gas" - we need to see this discipleship "thing" to the end, and not half-heartedly. Discipleship is a long-term committment, it needs to be sustainable.


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roryswen said...

Please convey my greetings and prayers to Tom and Linda.