Friday, June 27, 2008

Random Thoughts on the Week's Events

Not surprisingly, but still disappointing, the Supreme Court yesterday made a huge mess of the nation's gun laws. I'm still trying to figure out how Justice Antonin Scalia ever passed an english or grammar class, let alone law school, without a basic understanding of the difference between singular and plural. How does one get an individual's right from "peoples" and "militia" - both plural forms of their root. The bottom line, this is a bad decision. All the gun advocates will rejoice and tell you how safe we'll all be now that criminals will have to think twice about who they attack, however one fact remains, in 2005/06 there were 50 gun-related homicides in England and Wales while in the U.S. that number exceeded 30,000.

Also disappointing was the Obama campaign's response to James Dobson's attack. It was disappointing in that I see it as a missed opportunity, particularly from his religious advisors, to point out that everyone reads and interprets the bible through their worldview. Hence, for Dobson to claim Obama is changing or misinterpreting biblical text is of course, highly hypocritical. It's also disappointing that Jon Stewart did a better job responding to the hypocrisy on the Daily Show than did Obama's staff. Rabbi Rami wrote about this earlier in the week, it's an interesting read and a bit more critical than mine.

The good news is that the strawberries are ready to be picked, there is still some fresh asparagus at the farmers market, and last night's cold front has brought a refreshing breeze.


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