Monday, June 2, 2008

My Theology?

OK, slow day at work. The weather hasn't cooperated for field work and believe it or not, I'm well ahead of the paper work game. So, during my lunch hour I stumbled upon and took this survey that is supposed to identify one's theology. Other than the fact that I am certainly not alienated from older forms of church - I've written substantially about my love for ancient forms of worship and my interest in the ancient mystics - the survey was probably a pretty close reflection on where I am theologically. In regard to older forms of church, I think in some ways we need to reconnect modern society back to those forms of church. One problem with these types of surveys is that they are "all or nothing". By that I mean they pigeon-hole you into one area, in this case theology, and don't allow for blends or blurring of lines. For example, my next two closest theological types were Neo-orthodoxy and Wesleyan, each just one point away from Emergent/Postmodern. Interestingly, Roman Catholic was just a few points behind them.

You scored as Emergent/Postmodern

You are Emergent/Postmodern in your theology. You feel alienated from older forms of church, you don't think they connect to modern culture very well. No one knows the whole truth about God, and we have much to learn from each other, and so learning takes place in dialogue. Evangelism should take place in relationships rather than through crusades and altar-calls. People are interested in spirituality and want to ask questions, so the church should help them to do this.

Back to work.

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