Thursday, April 24, 2008


This is one of the latest ice-out dates I can recall. Lake Minnewaska, which sits across the road from my office (I'm mentioned this before - but I have a great office; roomy, my own closet, book shelves (full), and a great view of the lake!) is now pretty much ice-free. Once exception is the bay across the road. It is full of ice chunks and shards that have been blown in from the winds we've had today. I walked over there this morning and it sounds like a combination of glass bottles breaking, wind chimes and a thousand kids running around with little mallets pounding on xylophones. It's pretty cool and very relaxing in a meditative sort of way.

The Bonaparte's Gulls are here for their annual passage through the area. These petite gulls usually stick around for a day or two before heading north. I wish them well on their journey.


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