Friday, November 16, 2007

War Eagle!

War Eagle is the "cheer" and greeting of Auburn University students, alums, and fans. It does kind of grow on you, and it does have kind of a neat background, but I'd still prefer it didn't have such a militaristic tone to it. I spent a couple of years living in Alabama while I was doing my M.S. program in fisheries biology. It was a great experience and I'm glad I was able to do my graduate studies within a great program like Auburn's. I was able to study with some truly remarkable people and got to see a totally different part of the country. My research was conducted across the state looking at crappie populations which enabled my to see a lot of rural Alabama. It was pretty eye-opening to see the little sheds and cabins that people were living in. It wasn't uncommon to drive through the country and see light shining through cracks in the walls of houses. So, I was particularly pleased and proud when I opened my last little email from Speaking of Faith this morning. This week's program is about Auburn's architecture program designing housing for people living in poverty. I think this is a really big deal, since a lot of people see Auburn as a football school. I've known it's much more than that but this will (hopefully) give people a little different perspective. I'm eager to hear the program (although for some stupid reason, they play it here from 10 a.m. on Sunday when I'm at church!) and hear what the folks at AU are doing. It's good to know it's not just about football.
Peace Eagle,

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