Thursday, May 21, 2009

Don't Ever Take a Course in Wisdom Literature

I haven't been writing much lately, basically because I'm kind of ornery and that tends to be reflected in what I write. Why ornery you may ask? I think a great deal of it has to do with the course in Wisdom Tradition that I had this past semester. Don't get me wrong, it was a fantastic class and Irene Nowell should write a book on how to conduct a web-based learning experience. I read texts that aren't even in the Protestant Bible (Shame on you Martin Luther.. shame on you!). No, I'm ornery, perhaps even angry, because much of what we're dealing with today - economic crises, lack of concern for the poor, the overall lack of concern for creation, and the lack of "fear of God" were the same issues that the writers of the Wisdom books wrote about some two to three thousand years ago. It's rather discouraging to think that during all this time when we've supposedly become more civilized, we truly have failed to learn the lessons and advice given to us by the Wisdom writers. I guess at some point it is just easier to ignore these lessons and go about our daily lives but isn't that being rather disingenuous to scripture?
So, my advice is this, don't take a course in Wisdom literature. Life is much easier that way.

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Jerad said...

Wisdom Lit: the divinely inspired way of saying "there you go again."

An aside: I tried to Tweet this to you but you must not have received. The MN UMC Church and Society Committee, to which you have been named, had its first post-Annual Conf mtg last night. No one knows how to get a hold of you. Pls email jamorey -at- gmail -dot- com.