Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Solstice Time

Generally this time of year is pretty slow for me at work. However, this year it's been fairly busy - which is a good thing. It isn't so good for blogging and other creative endeavors though and hence the lack of posting on my part.
I've been working the past couple of weeks trying to put together a proposal that will enable biologists to track zooplankton populations in a series of representative lakes so that we can monitor and eventually predict how changes in climate and land use will affect those populations. Since zooplankton can actually influence the quality of the water by grazing on phytoplankton and algae and have a direct bearing on fish population structure (i.e. all fish depend on zooplankton at some point in their development) we want to find out if they might be a good indicators of change. There is a great deal we don't know about them however, like are they evenly distributed across a lake? How do their populations fluctuate during the seasons? Are certain species more indicative of change than others? Those are the questions we hope to answer.
So, while it is normally a time of recharge and renewal here on the frozen shores of Lake Minnewaska, this year the solstice is a bit busier than normal.

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jeanne leigh said...

Jeff, Sounds like interesting stuff. I think its awesome that you can study this and help to understand and improve the environment. I'm afraid that Science and Math were never my strength:) It's amazing to me how more and more I realize how everything is so interconnected. We take so much for granted. Your work is so important. Tonight on the news they were talking about how a lot of the brown pelicans off the Florida shore were getting sick and dying and they were trying to figure out what was making them sick. We have so much to learn. We've been so careless with the earth. I for one have a lot to learn in my little corner... to be more responsible with caring for the earth. Thanks. I want to check out, as I find time..some of the sights and books that you have on here. I appreciate what you do, who you are and want to learn more about all of this. Also thanks for mentioning my blog. I really do appreciate it. Oh yes, I agree...Buechner is awesome. God's peace, JLD