Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Look and Some Updates

I've added a few new links and changed a few things around. A couple of the links are UMC-related and have been added to the "People doing good things" section. Thanks to Pastor Rory for bringing the UMCOR link to my attention. I think we tend to overlook the good things that we Methodists do! I recall a trip to Tree of Life a few winters back and unloading a truck with supplies from Global Ministries. When you see something like that you get a greater appreciation for the importance of apportionments. I've also added a couple of links to some sites that offer up some religious-based humor. Finally, I added a link to Wild Idea Buffalo. WIB, is a sustainable bison operation run by author Dan O'Brien. He's a first-rate author, wildlife biologist, and advocate for sustainable agricultural practices. Be sure to check out his Cheyenne River Writings and if you haven't read "Buffalo for the Broken Heart", please do.

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