Monday, January 14, 2008

Round Two

Today is the first day of spring semester at St. John's. I'm taking another "full load" of classes this semester: Moral Theology, Luke/Acts, and Pauline Letters. It's going to be a very different semester - much heavier on the theology and less so on the spiritual/pastoral applications that were part of my coursework last semester. From the looks of it no exams either - that's good because I've always pretty much stunk at exams and being 44 hasn't helped with my memory. I'm much better at writing and conceptualizing bigger ideas.

On a similar note, our son Anthony got his third acceptence letter to college today. He's wanting to pursue a career in violin performance and has been accepted by UW-Eau Claire, UM-Duluth, and now UW-Madison (where his sister is studying biology). We were fairly confident he'd be accepted anywhere he applied - he's a smart, well-rounded young man. However, he now has to go through the audition process - starting Thursday in Eau Claire (then consecutive weekends in Madison and Duluth). Understandably he's fairly stressed out about the whole process. I'm sure he'll be fine. (My final plea for him to get a business degree at UW and run a violin company fell on deaf ears again this morning. Oh well - he is also an excellent barista; I'm sure that's a skill that many musicians wish they had during the "lean" times.)


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