Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I love it. I've always loved it, and I've missed it! I even like shoveling it (although my body is a little less fond of that aspect of the white stuff these days). Above all, I love gliding over it. Ever since my parents bought me a pair of wooden skis, bamboo poles, some ugly brown boots I've been a skier. The first year on skis I set up a 1/4 mile loop in our neighborhood and every night after supper and homework I skied. I skied so much that I logged over 300 miles that year. Except for some time in graduate school and when I first started work in MN, I've spent the majority of my winters doing something related to skiing.

There is something very unique about skiing towards evening that I really like. The woods are generally very quiet, add in a few flurries or light snow and I don't know if it really gets any better than that! I love the sting of the cold on my face, and how it moves into my lungs.

I also love going fast on skis. The last few years that's been a little difficult because a general lack of fitness on my part and this year won't be much different I'm afraid. I love twisting downhill trails, but greatly dislike big downhills. That's one of the great things about skiing, you can go as fast or slow as you like.

I may be singing a different song come March, but right now, I'm pretty fired up about this white stuff!

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